June 8 – 18 2016


Introductory lectures in Ayurveda

Workshops on different holistic therapeutic practices of Ayurveda

Detox programs

Understanding the fivefold therapeutic approach of Panchakarma and more

Courses on Ayurvedic cooking

Introduction to Vedic tradition

Indian music nights


Traditional Hatha Yoga.

Breathing exercises Pranayama Flow.

Therapeutic Yoga according to Ayurveda.

Meditation Classes.


3 Ayurvedic meals with local seasonal products, fruits, salads, juices and ayurvedic teas.


13 people max. / day


Whole day package
Private session
+ Ayurvedic therapy
+ Ayurvedic Massage
+ Group activities


Early Birds Discount
For applications submitted by 30/3/2016



Special offer for same family members



Special offer for unemployed participants




This 10-Day program is meant to provide the opportunity to those people that don not have the time or ability to attend the Closed Circle program, but would like to participate during a daily (or a few days) visit and get accustomed with Ayurveda and its therapies.


Information about the workshops, bookings and Elpidochori:

6945 958181 | 6977 688863




Individual & Group services/activities

During the full day programs, participants will have the chance of a personal consultation with the Indian doctor to discuss both general and specific health issues, as well as taking part in the group activities of the 10-day period.

See details of each category


1. Thorough personal session with the Indian Ayurvedic doctor:
Determine each participant’s unique idiosyncracy / Dosha
– Identify current imbalances
– Explain and document the visitor’s condition
– Offer specialized advice on each participant’s diet
– Offer lifestyle advice on daily practices
– Suggest Ayurvedic therapies for each individual’s

2. Single-day Ayurvedic therapy applying, where appropriate, basic Ayurvedic techniques of revitalization, relaxation & strengthening of self- healing mechanisms, according to each individual’s constitution.

3. Therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage

Massage is one of the best ways to enhance energy flow and remove toxins, which is why Ayurveda recommends regular massage therapies. Massage stimulates both blood and lymphatic flows, and increases the metabolism to speed up the process of toxin (ama) elimination. Massaging with plant oils is nutritional for the body.
The doctor will choose the type of massage that is most therapeutic, beneficial & compatible with each individual’s idiosyncrasy.

Those who book a full day package will additionally be able to participate in:
• All group activities taking place the day of their visit.
• Ayurvedic meals
• Staying overnight in the shelter or at the open space of the property of Elpidohori, depending on the nightly occupancy.


Those who have booked a full day program will also be able to participate in the following :

1. Group activities
• Informative Ayurvedic lectures
• Yoga & Meditation practice sessions
• Pranayama breathing techniques
• Various Ayurvedic Workshops
• Courses on Ayurvedic cooking
• How to use therapeutic herbs
• Spiritual activities like: chanting mantras , Vedic script reading, Traditional Indian music nights
2. Ayurvedic Meals

Please state it on your application form if you wish to participate in the Ayurvedic meals.

3. Staying overnight for free at Elpidohori

You can stay overnight in the shelter or even camp in the property of Elpidohori for free, as long as space is available + you have already stated it in your application form.


Activities included during the 10-day course:

1. Personal consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor

The 10-day program starts with a personal consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor, who will identify the unique biological idiosyncrasy, or Dosha, of each participant. Through pulse diagnosis he will determine possible psychological, mental or physical imbalances. He will also suggest an individual program of Ayurvedic therapies including diet, as well as specialized therapeutic exercises to enhance balance, vitality and serenity.

Briefly, the doctor will:
– Determine each participant’s unique idiosyncrasy / Dosha
– Identify current imbalances
– Explain and document the visitor’s condition
– Offer specialized advice on each participant’s diet
– Offer lifestyle advice on daily practices
– Suggest Ayurvedic therapies for each individual

2. Meditation

Every day will start with meditation. The Ayurvedic doctor will be teaching meditation practices so that each participant can develop their balance, vitality and serenity, which are important qualities and will support the therapeutic program that will follow.

Meditation is a tool that can help one find serenity. In Ayurveda, it is an important means to stabilize one’s Dosha and acquire greater well-being. As detox therapies (Panchakarma) clean the body, so meditation clears the mind. Western Science has only recently realized the benefits of meditation. Studies have shown that it reduces heart rate, helps one deal with negative emotions and promotes equanimity. When meditating, Kundalini energy reaches the higher chakras and revitalizes the internal organs.

3. Therapeutic yoga

Yoga means: Union of Body, Mind and Spirit, as One.

Every day during the program the Ayurvedic doctor will be teaching special yoga exercises to increase vitality and promote balance. During yoga practice, the doctor will teach special postures (Asanas) which are necessary for the progress of Ayurvedic therapy.

4. Pranayama- Breathing exercises

Pranayama is a series of breathing exercises that help clear the passages (Nadis) which transfer free vital energy throughout the body. This vital energy (Prana), is the universal life force. When those passages and the spine are cleared, Kundalini arises, and flowing through the passage of the spine (Sushuma -Nadi) it reaches the 7th Chakra.
According to the Vedic tradition, Enlightenment is attained when Kundalini is released and circulates freely.

Breathing is very important for good health and longevity.

5. Ayurvedic Therapy workshop

The program includes daily Ayurvedic therapy sessions that clear the body, unblock the natural flow of vital energy throughout the body and intervene through trigger point pressure. More therapeutic techniques, as well as simple detox techniques, will also take place. They are a series of simple, natural, therapeutic treatments that detoxify and tone the body, clear the passages and balance life energy (Doshas).

The combination of rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage, therapeutic yoga practice, relaxing Meditation, the sound of Mantras and the healing Ayurvedic diet offers the possibility for each participant to have an exceptional experience of an alternative way of therapy as well as an alternative lifestyle.
As part of the Seminars and Workshops in Ayurveda, the following simple therapeutic techniques will be taught:

1. Cleansing the body with Ayurvedic powder
2. Special processes of therapies for neck, belly-button, lower back
3. Reflexology on hands and legs
4. Ayurvedic therapeutic process for the sense organs (nose, ears, eyes, mouth/tongue)
5. Natural bowel detoxification therapy
6. Ayurvedic rejuvenating facial care

6. Ayurvedic pressure-point consultations

Trigger-point pressure therapy  unblocks energy currents which flow through the vital organs and allow those parts of the body where the energy had been blocked to regenerate and heal.

7. Therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage (according to each individual's idiosyncrasy)

Massage is one of the best ways to enhance energy flow and remove toxins, therefore,which is why Ayurveda recommends regular massage therapies. Massage stimulates blood flow and lymphatic flow and increases the metabolism, speeding up the process of toxin (ama) elimination. Massaging with plant oils is nutritional for the body.

Main Ayurvedic massage types that may be used during the course include:

1. Traditional Ayurvedic Massage – Full body traditional massage with essential oils for vitality and regeneration.

2. Shirodhara- Therapy of oil flowing over the forehead, used for mind relaxation.

3. Rejuvenation Massage- Royal massage with Chandana oil

5. Mardan- Special strong massage for vigorous constitutions

6. Khizi- Popular massage with small bags filled with Ayurvedic herbs and oils. Ideal for joint problems (arthritis, spondilosis, pelvic pain, sports injuries affecting muscles and the skeletal system). This type of therapy improves skin texture and is rejuvenating.

7. Therapeutic Massage – therapeutic massage for the treatment of lumbago and other painful conditions

8. Special Ayurvedic Stretching Massage- This type of massage places the emphasis on stretching the muscles.

9. Marma Massage- For relaxation of vital body parts

10. Special Facial Massage

11. Indian Head Massage- Traditional Indian massage that tones the nervous system

12. Local Massages- Massage for specific parts of the body like back, shoulders, neck, legs etc.

8. Lectures and seminars in Ayurveda

The course includes daily informative and educational seminars on Ayurvedic practices, processes and daily habits that, if applied, can improve one’s health, joy and quality of life.
Topics include:

1. Ayurveda as Medical Science and Philosophy
Basic Information on principles of the Medical Science of Ayurveda, as a universally practiced, ancient holistic health system. Philosophical aspects will also be touched upon.

2. Yoga, Unity of Body, Mind and Spirit
Theoretical understanding of Yoga, teaching of therapeutic practical exercises and descriptions of the beneficial effects of yoga for various health issues.

3. Meditation.
A method for achieving mental equanimity and internal balance.
Beyond the theory of the benefits of meditation, you will learn beneficial practices that enhance balance, serenity and calmness.

4. Breathing Exercises (Pranayama)
Pranayama is a series of breathing exercises, valuable for cleansing the channels through which Prana (vital energy) flows, allowing the universal life force to flow freely in all directions to the extremities of the body. It clears blockages, enhancing vitality and longevity.

5. Ayurvedic Treatments
As explained in detail above

6. Ayurvedic massage
As explained in detail above

7. Ayurvedic diet and cooking of healthy food
The doctor and his experienced assistants will be offering Ayurvedic cooking classes in the kitchen

8. Ayurvedic herbs
Reference to Ayurvedic herbs, their uses and benefits

9. Mantra chanting, book/ script reading
Recitation of therapeutic words and documents, reading of Vedic scripts and books on Ayurveda

10. Simple guidelines on daily practices that enhance health

Ayurvedic therapists believe that being happy and positive leads to better health and overall well-being. This belief is supported by modern western medical studies, showing that optimism boosts immunity and promotes longevity. The following guidelines are advisable for a positive attitude to health improvement:
Eating in peace: Chose beneficial food, enjoyable to see and taste. Eat in a calm atmosphere at the same time every day, slowly and chewing well. Relaxing after a meal and taking a stroll improves digestion.
Serenity: Avoid suppression of thoughts and emotions. Make sure to have enough time for daily meditation and relaxation. Include personal massage, exercise and yoga in everyday life.
Retaining energy: Use computers and electric devices as little as possible. Avoid strenuous physical and mental activities whenever you can.
Ethical principles: To live according to Ayurvedic ethical principles, meaning avoiding negative thoughts, verbal or physical violence, abstaining from greediness or sadness, and minimizing pride, arrogance and egoism.

9. Classes on Ayurvedic cooking

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, health and well-being depend on the ability of the digestive system to provide nutrients to our body. This not only depends on the types of food we choose to eat, but also on the way this food is processed and accumulated.  Choice of food and dietary habits affect good digestion and balance of the vital energies (Doshas). The process of preparing food and cooking is very important – from choosing the type and quantity of the ingredients, including spices and herbs, to the emotional condition of the cook. Preparing food with love and positivity means we will enjoy wonderful flavors,  scents and uninterrupted assimilation during digestion, making us feel healthy and revitalized. Stressing the importance that food and cooking have on overall health, Ayurvedic cooking classes from the doctor and his experienced assistants will take place in the on-site kitchen.

10 | Mantra chanting, book reading, bhajana

Mantra Chanting
Mantras can assist in healing illnesses caused by negative energies we carry. Mantras heal the spirit and are an important section of Ayurveda.

Bhagavatgeeta reading
Bhagavatgeeta is a world-acknowledged script which has been translated into many languages. It is part of the ancient script of Bhahabarata and transmits the teachings of the Upanishads, which constituted the last of the Vedas. It is considered to have been written during the 5th century BC, in Sanskrit, by Vyasa, the so called “Homer of India”. It is metrical and comprises of 700 verses in 18 chapters.

Spiritual dances for soul development
Spiritual dances that cultivate and promote well-being for the soulTraditional Indian Music

Evenings of traditional Indian Music

11. Ayurvedic breakfast, lunch and dinner

The course dietary program includes:
-Three Ayurvedic meals per day, enriched with fresh juices and healthy salads
-Tasty, invigorating lemongrass, ginger and Ayurvedic Chai teas will be offered throughout the course of the day.
Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh, pure and healthy vegetarian dishes. All fresh fruit and vegetables will be certified, preferably from local farmers of Argolis and will be flavored with tasty Ayurvedic spices.

12. Herbs in Ayurveda

Herbs have been at the core of Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years. They have always been prescribed in combination with dietary and lifestyle habits, including exercise.
Tastes (Rasas), create energies that support herbal actions and enhance the balance of vital energies (Doshas).
Proper use of herbs and spices regenerates the mind, body and spirit.


A. Accommodation in the main building for the first 15 people that will declare participation.

B. Sleep in organised outdoor areas with tents, within the premises of Elpidohori.

You can stay overnight in the shelter or even camp in the property of Elpidohori for free, as long as space is available + you have already stated it in your application form.

More information about accommodation:


Participation Fees

Full Day Package | €70

Early Birds

Early Birds | Special offer for applications submitted before 30/3/2016 | €55

Special Offers

Special offer for additional family members | €45

Special Offers

Special offer for registered unemployed | €30



Participation is confirmed only when the below terms are met:


Full Day Package (€70).

  1. Deposit when applying participation | €35
  2. Complete payment before 10.5.16 | €35


Early Birds | before 30.3.16 (€55).

  1. Deposit when applying participation | €25
  2. Complete payment before 10.5.2016  | €30


Special offer for additional family members | €45

  1. Deposit when applying participation | €20
  2. Complete payment before 10.5.2016 | €25


Special offer for registered unemployed| €30

  1. Deposit when applying participation | €15
  2. Complete payment before 10.5.2016 | €15


Cancellation policy

As a matter of principle, the main objective of this event is to include the broadest possible participation of people, coming from even the most disadvantaged economic backgrounds. For this reason, we have chosen to keep prices as low as possible.
Thus, for the sake of the smooth flow of the program, and in order to avoid excluding people who have a genuine interest in getting to know Ayurvedic therapies, we have set the following terms in case of unforeseen incidents or cancellations:

  • Canceling before 15.04.2016 includes a refund of 50 % of the deposit.
  • Canceling after 15.04.2016 does not include any refund.

ayurvedic doctor

Dr. Siddhesh Bandekar


In the 10Day Therapeutic Ayurveda & Yoga Workshop our guest of honor will be the Indian doctor of Ayurveda Dr. Siddhesh Bandekar who will kindly provide his valuable services to those interested to participate, with the assistance of 2 more Indian therapists that will carry out the therapies and massages according to the diagnosis and guidelines of the doctor.


Ayurvedic Doctor & Panchakarma Consultant

Dr. Siddhesh graduated in Ayurvedic medicine from Goa University in India. Afterwards, he decided to offer social work through General Healthcare (general medicine) following principles of Ayurveda.

Dr. Siddhesh has been particularly involved in Panchakarma (detox practices) & pulse diagnosis. His deep involvement with Ayurveda, and the social approach of his services, has established him in his field.


• Panchakarma
• Pulse Diagnosis (Nadi Pariksha)
• Ayurvedic Dietary Consultation
• Body Constitution Analysis (Prakruti Pariksha)
• Therapeutic Yoga Consultancy
• Coordination of Ayurvedic workshops

His Clinic is located in Goa, India, and cooperates with other clinics & Yoga retreats in the region.

Durvankur Ayurvedic Clinic, Mapusa, Goa
Reg. no. A-253/2005


Dr. Siddhesh often travels to Russia & Ukraine to give lectures on the ancient knowledge & principles of Ayurveda. For the last 10 years he has remained active and well informed, constantly updating his knowledge and attending international Ayurvedic conferences.



A large stretch of land of 31.000 sq.m. in the area of Argolis, surrounded by mountains, olive trees, fruit bearing trees and many wild herbs. The facilities were build using natural building techniques like cob, straw, stone etc.

Its aim is to become a practical example of sustainability on all levels, where the visitors can get in touch with nature and its elements and attend educational programs related to body, mind & soul balance.



Use the PARTICIPATION FORM to inform us about your personal details, the workshop you want to attend and notes about special care you might need from our side.

For further information and communication contact us at:

6945 958181 | 6977 688863

For a complete application you will need to complete both STEPS:


  • STEP 1 is the Application Form, necessary for registering your personal details and contains a questionnaire concerning the workshops.
  • STEP 2 is the Calendar, where you can select the day and time of your private sessions.




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